August 11, 2018

Join A Winning Team

What Makes CTS Inc 
  • Positive team with a positive work environment
  • Consistent training and development
  • Competitive bonus and pay structure
  • True promotions from within
  • Fast track to management
  • Financial coaching
  • Travel

Building Tomorrow’s Experts

Everyone within CTS Inc has the opportunity to sharpen the business basics needed to rise to the management level.
We provide a comprehensive training program and personalized coaching to ensure that our people know how to oversee human capital and operational resources. Associates receive mastery of industry best practices and hands-on experience in producing everything related to customer acquisition solutions.
We promote based on performance and merit.  If you have a managerial mindset, see how our training will put you on the fast track to management. 


One on One Training

Professionals at the top of CTS Inc began their journeys at the same starting points as everyone else.
They had access to boundless support and guidance as they ascended the ranks. Now, they share their wisdom and feedback with colleagues in return. All the best teachers were once great students, so our front-runners are in a prime position to share their knowledge and mentorship with the next generation of CTS leaders.


Travel & Fun

  • Our team enjoys travel. They have many chances to do so.
  • We send them to regional training and national conferences throughout the United States, where they visit and learn from the pacesetters of our industry. Trips like these are expressions of thanks to those who contribute to our growth.