August 11, 2018

About Us

We specialize in personalizing our clients’ campaigns and connecting their message directly to consumers through our first rate team members. We are experts in building relationships with customers to solidify longevity in our clients’ customer base.


At CTS Inc., we are a proven out-sourced community marketing firm that guarantees substantial quarterly growth through acquiring and maintaining a diverse range of consumers. We specialize in providing the highest standard of customer service through our ability to make connections and always put the customer first. Success in this industry would be impossible without an outstanding team, so we focus on providing professionals with the highest standard of training and preparation to guarantee the utmost professionalism. With our recent acquisition of high profile clients, we are able to offer a clear track for growth and career progression for our team members. Our dedicated force of marketing professionals have consistently delivered unparalleled results; surpassing the expectations of our clients. Quality is our mission when it comes to customer acquisition. We implement innovative strategies and invest all of our resources to insure groundbreaking results for our high profile clients while creating the marketing industry’s trailblazers of tomorrow. Our goal is to revolutionize the marketing field by steering away from traditional sales approaches and initiating customer relationships with new and vibrant strategies.


By extracting information from market research conducted by some of today’s leaders in the marketing industry and incorporating it into our training techniques, our team has raised the bar when it comes to increasing brand awareness for our clients. With our growing reputation for increasing the target audience for our clients, we are now on track to expand to untapped markets in the U.S. With the momentum moving forward, we have our sights set on becoming a global firm in the near future.  


We Do It Best

  • We create quality long-term customers.
  • We’ll increase brand awareness.
  • Increases customer service and quality assurance.
  • Lower financial risk.

The message to the consumer can easily be changed when  outsourcing to CTS Inc. We enable outreach on a national scale. Outsourcing can help save time, money, space, and the need for training.

We feel that we outperform our competitors in many ways, so we are incredibly confident in our ability to achieve our clients goals. The direct marketing industry has shown some changes over the years. The most common forms of direct marketing are telephone sales, solicited or unsolicited emails, catalogs, leaflets, brochures and coupons. For many companies or service providers with a specific market, the traditional forms of advertising (radio, newspapers, television, etc.) may not be the best use of their promotional budgets. With face to face sales – our clients know exactly what their return on investment is, which means there is minimal risk when deciding to use face-to-face sales as part of your promotions strategy.